Quality photo-based 3D modeling

made easy.

Providing expert services in image-based 3D modeling from photos.

We use the latest photogrammetric processing tools to convert sets of 2D images into 3D models and provide editing and rendering services at the same flat, affordable rate.

Duplicate a complex shape.

Digitize something for a virtual world.

Miniaturize a special object.

We make it easy.

Models for game, video, web, or print media
Architectural visualization
Abstract shapes for 3D printing

How does it work?

Perhaps you want to replicate a real-world object. Or perhaps you want to digitize an object for use in a virtual environment, like a video game or animation.

  1. Take photos of your object or scene using a regular digital camera. You will need photos from all angles and the object must remain stationary during the photo shoot. Normally 12 to 48 photos are enough.
  2. Share the photos with us by email or through cloud storage
  3. In a few days we'll return a high-quality digital 3D model to your specification, ready for print or visualization.

We'll guide you through each step of the process.

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Q: What is a digital 3D model?

A digital 3D model is a computer file that contains data about the shape and appearance of an object. There are many different file formats for 3D models including OBJ, MAX, 3DS, FBX, and STL. Before you can 3D print an object you will need a digital 3D model.

Q: What types of objects can I model using photomodeling.ca?

We specialize in single-camera image based modeling, which is effective and economical for objects that are stationary. The surface must not be shiny or transparent. The object must be still because any movement of the subject during the photo shoot will distort the result. The method does not provide the same degree of precision as laser-based scanning, but it is more convenient because it does not require specialized equipment.

Q: Can photomodeling.ca create a 3D model from a single photograph?

We can use manual techniques to add depth to a photograph. The result can then be 3D printed or machined to look like a relief or engraving.

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